Joel DeYoung

Board-Recommended Candidate In the Vancity director election


Why I’m Running

I have been a Vancity member for 23 years, and am deeply committed to the values and principles on which it operates. I am experienced in co-operative governance, having served on the board of Modo for seven years including three years as Chair.

I am a veteran IT professional. As the Director of Technology at Hothead Games, I am responsible for all aspects of our digital platforms. I believe my experience can help Vancity navigate the complexities of building and operating high-quality, reliable and safe technology. One of the Board’s many important roles is to ensure all members have continuous access to Vancity’s online systems, and to guide the credit union through the significant security and privacy risks so prevalent in our connected world.

If you believe our credit union would benefit from a tech professional at the Board table, then you should vote DeYoung!

It would be my honour to serve your interests on Vancity’s Board. If elected I promise to play a positive and progressive role.


Technology Professional

Committed to Co-ops


"Joel consistently demonstrated coop principles and values in every decision he made."


What People are Saying


“I know Joel DeYoung to be an intelligent, talented and principled individual.  His progressive values, positive outlook and broad skill sets are a rare combination.  I believe Joel would make an excellent Director and I have complete confidence in his ability to effectively represent the interests of all Vancity members.  He has my full support!”

Don Davies, Member of Parliament, Vancouver-Kingsway


“I am thrilled to lend my support to Joel DeYoung. Through our work together on the Modo Board of Directors, Joel consistently demonstrated co-op principles and values in every decision he made. His background and professional experience contributed new technologies and systems that better served our members. As Board Chair, Joel oversaw Modo's successful amalgamation with Victoria Car Share Co-op, and always supported a welcoming and inclusive decision making environment. This guy does his homework and is ready to serve Vancity members.”

Sarah Webb, Manager of Sustainable Transportation Planning & Development, City of Victoria; Former Board Chair, Modo Co-operative


“Joel DeYoung takes an active involvement in our co-operative governance system.  He fully participates in his role of delegate in our Region Committee meetings and at our AGM.  Through these involvements Joel has demonstrated a deep understanding of and commitment to the co-operative business model and co-operative principles.  His talent for innovation coupled with his technology and analytics know-how have proven to be a real asset for our governance system.  Finally Joel seeks to find opportunities for co-operatives to work together.  It is my hope that his role in our system will continue to grow.”

— Rob Wesseling, President and CEO, the Co-operators


About Joel

Joel DeYoung is the Director of Technology at Hothead Games, a mobile video game company he co-founded in 2006. Hothead is the largest independent video game company in British Columbia with offices in Vancouver and Halifax. In his role he oversees all aspects of the company’s core technology, including operation of its game server infrastructure, information and network security, and its proprietary data analytics platform.

Joel’s governance experience has focused on the co-operative space. He served on the board of Modo Co-operative from 2011 to 2018, including three years as Chair. During that time, Modo grew tremendously, amalgamating with the Victoria Car Share Co-op and hiring the co-op’s first CEO. He also participates in the governance of The Co-operators Group as a member-owner delegate.

Joel holds a Master’s Degree in Computer Science from the University of British Columbia. In his spare time he enjoys cooking, running and badminton. He lives in Vancouver with his partner while their two kids attend the University of Victoria.


How to Vote

The Vancity Board of Directors election takes place April 1-18, 2019, with in-branch voting from April 9 to 13. All Vancity members 19 years of age or older are eligible to vote. You can vote four ways: online at, in the Vancity mobile app, via mail-in ballot, or in-person at a Vancity branch.

For more information on the election and how to vote, consult the Vancity Election web site.


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